Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane during the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. Unbeknownst to some, NY-9 was hit hard on its southern most border. In fact, many experts have weighed in on how climate change actually worsened the storm’s impact which caused millions of dollars in damage and lost lives. Congresswoman Clarke is a strong supporter of the Green New Deal which will reduce the United States dependence on fossil fuels and aims to guarantee new high-paying jobs in clean energy industries. She also introduced the FEMA Climate Change Preparedness Act (H.R. 4823) which would require the agency to factor climate change into all its official policies, the BREATHE Act (H.R. 585) which calls for the amend the Clean Air Act, and H.R. 4737 which would require DHS to research and evaluate existing federal research regarding approaches to mitigate climate change.