Our immigration crisis has come to a head. When children are being separated from their parents and forced to represent themselves in courts, substantial action must be taken to prevent these atrocities. We are a nation of immigrants, however, this Administration’s current policies or lack thereof consistently fail those looking to become a part of the American dream. As the daughter of immigrants, Congresswoman Clarke has boldly led the charge to protect DACA recipients and those impacted by deferred enforced departure. Further, she introduced the ASPIRE Act (H.R.4384), a bipartisan solution that would provide relief to all temporary protected status eligible individuals. She is a co-sponsor of the Access To Council Act of 2020, which will ensure undocumented individuals have the right to a fair and just legal trial and the Bahamas TPS Act of 2019 (H.R.4303), which would allow for those affected by the devestation of Hurricane Dorian to be eligible for temporary protected status. Keeping in mind the barbarities taking place on the southern border and in the 9th District, she is a proponent for the abolishment of ICE and co-sponsored H.R.1013, the ICE and CBP Body Camera Accountability Act, which will agents and officers to wear body cameras when engaged in official operations, in order to reduce instances of mistreatment and abuse. She is the Co-Chair of the Caribbean Caucus, where she has worked to build the relationship between the United States and the Caribbean community (CARICOM) on matters of trade, immigration reform, and direct investment through development programs.